Cheesy LIFE



Feel the uauu!!!

1 year old gouda
Two years old Gouda with crystal
The forgotten cheese 3 years 
Goatcheese with fenuge
Bio Ziegenkäse mit bockshornklee

How everything started...

We started with a small wooden table at Naschmarkt... Now we deliver in different regions in Vienna and we have our stand at Saturday at Mariahilfestrasse 54. 


Our products are really exceptional in taste. One bite and you will fall in love...forever. You won't need  any more persuasion, you will only want to bring this cheese home.


Our farms keep the tradition of the past - old recipes, everything is hand made, slow process of production, experimenting, and new ideas.


The happiness of our animals is very important and it is our priority. The caws, the sheeps and the goats are part of our family and they are running freely in the fields. You can easily feel their happiness in every bite that you take of your Dutch cheese.

If you prefer to order online you can do it at: 

If you are a cheese shop and you need Dutch cheeses to diversify your assortment, please contact us for wholesales prices. You will be surprised by the good deals we offer.


Our cheese has an Uauuuu effect which you can feel in every bite you take.








Our small farms



My partner family comes from south part of the France. Aristocratic family and beautiful big castle full of grain. And of course a lot of mousses. Where there is grain, there is mouses. That is why the family name Serij comes from the French word "sourie" which means a mouse. The "mousy family" decided their family coat of arms will be 3 mousses holding a mountain of grain.


During the war the "mousy family" emigrated in Holland where one of the grandfathers become Major of Rotterdam. In the Generation the love for grain transform for a love for a piece of cheese. Today the castle is gone.  We have only a mountain of cheese which we hope you help us to eat. No mice around so don't worry...


"Love comes in many forms.





We offe high quality Dutch Gouda!