Born in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, Nadia Terzieva studied in American universities in Florida (USA) and later graduated from Brussels (Belgium) with Bachelor Degree of Economics.

The business world brought her on an adventure as a marketing manager in various companies. Later she opened her 2 privat business-translation agency and coffee shop, which she developed and sold after a few years in Bulgaria.

In 2016 a job offer made her take on a leadership position in a company in Vienna and she moved from Bulgaria to Austria. After an year she quite and she start learning German. Slowly the idea of Cheesy Life was born. We want our company to generate so much profit that can support financially an NGO that helps people with mental health problems free of charge. Great plan! And we are doing it together.

We want to be the biggest and the best. With every piece of cheese that  we sell, we would like to support people who struggle mentally. We all have  psychological difficulties at some point of our life. We would like to help others to become healthier and happier.

During her stay in Vienna, Nadia completed her diploma in Psychology and did her Practical Training in Bulgaria. So now our ambition is to generate money and open this NGO center.

If you love cheese, want to help others, you are open and ready to be happy and to give happiness - you are in the right place.

If you are suspicious, discriminating, and do not like novelty, the next cheese stand may be the better choice.



Our products are well known by various names-Gouda, Dutch cheese, Old Amsterdam, Hollandishe Kaas.

The cheeses we have are special, interesting and delicious. "Like many other cheeses on the market" you will say.

Yes but....

They have something very strange and special that others do not have.

This thing has been translated differently into different languages and has no fixed definition:

In Japaneese they call it: Oishiiiiiiii
In Bulgarian: Ummmmmmm
English says: Yamyyyy

You can feel the amazing taste and the Uauuuu effect in every bite.


cheese paint (2).jpg